Computer Science
Course Schedule 2020 Spring
CSC Course Instructor Time Location Focus
Thy Prg Sys
102 How the Internet Works Sahar Al Seesi  . First half of semester only  (Not available) 
103 How Computers Work Sahar Al Seesi  . Second half of semester only  (Not available) 
109 Communicating with Data Katie Kinnaird    (Not available) 
111 Intro Computer Science through Programming Alicia Grubb    (Not available) 
151 Programming Languages Nicholas Howe    (Not available) 
205L Modeling in the Sciences (MTH)--Lab Ileana Streinu    (Not available) 
212L Programming with Data Structures--Lab John Foley    (Not available) 
220 Advanced Programming Techniques Sahar Al Seesi    (Not available) 
250 Theoretical Foundations Computer Science Jordan Crouser    (Not available) 
262 Operating Systems John Foley  TTh 1:20-2:35pm  (Not available) 
262L Operating Systems--Lab John Foley  W 2:45-4:35pm  (Not available) 
266 Compiler Design Sahar Al Seesi    (Not available) 
270 Digital Circuits and Systems Dominique Thiébaut    (Not available) 
274 Discrete & Computational Geometry Joseph O’Rourke    (Not available) 
356 Computer-Human Interaction Jordan Crouser    (Not available) 
370 Computer Vision and Image Processing Nicholas Howe    (Not available)