Computer Science
Course Schedule 2020 Spring
CSC Course Instructor Time Location Focus
Thy Prg Sys
102 How the Internet Works Sahar Al Seesi  MW 10:50-12:05pm. First half of semester only  FordHall 241  
103 How Computers Work Sahar Al Seesi  MW 10:50-12:05pm. Second half of semester only  FordHall 241  
109 Communicating with Data (CSC/SDS) Katie Kinnaird  MW 8:00-9:15am  Seelye 301 
111 Intro Computer Science through Programming Alicia Grubb  MWF 10:50-12:05pm  Stoddard Auditorium 
151 Programming Languages Nicholas Howe  TTh 9:25-10:40am  FordHall 342 
205 Modeling in the Sciences (CSC/MTH) Ileana Streinu  TTh 2:45-4:00pm  FordHall 241  
212 Programming with Data Structures John Foley  MW 9:25-10:40am  FordHall 240 
212L Programming with Data Structures--Lab John Foley  F 1:20-3:10pm  FordHall 342 
212L Programming with Data Structures--Lab John Foley  F 3:20-5:10pm  FordHall 342 
220 Advanced Programming Techniques Sahar Al Seesi  MWF 1:20-2:35pm  FordHall 345 
250 Theoretical Foundations Computer Science Jordan Crouser  TTh 10:50-12:05pm  FordHall 240 
262 Operating Systems John Foley  TTh 1:20-2:35pm  FordHall 342 
262L Operating Systems--Lab John Foley  W 2:45-4:35pm  FordHall 342 
266 Compiler Design Sahar Al Seesi  TTh 10:50-12:05pm  FordHall 241  
270 Digital Circuits and Systems Dominique Thiébaut  TTh 9:25-10:40am  FordHall 143 
270L Digital Circuits and Systems--Lab Dominique Thiébaut  Th 2:45-4:00pm  FordHall 143 
274 Discrete & Computational Geometry Joseph O’Rourke  WF 9:25-10:40am  FordHall 241  
356 Computer-Human Interaction Jordan Crouser  T 1:20-4:00pm  FordHall 345 
370 Computer Vision and Image Processing Nicholas Howe  MW 2:45-4:00pm  FordHall 345