Computer Science
Course Schedule 2020 Fall
CSC Course Instructor Time Location Focus
Thy Prg Sys
102 How the Internet Works Staff2     (Not available) 
103 How Computers Work Staff2     (Not available) 
111 Intro Computer Science through Programming Jordan Crouser    (Not available) 
212 Programming with Data Structures Staff2     (Not available) 
220 Advanced Programming Techniques Ileana Streinu    (Not available) 
231 Microprocessors and Assembly Alicia Grubb    (Not available) 
231 Microprocessors and Assembly Jamie Macbeth    (Not available) 
240 Computer Graphics Nicholas Howe    (Not available) 
249 Computer Networks Judith Cardell    (Not available) 
252 Algorithms Jamie Macbeth    (Not available) 
294 Computational Machine Learning Katie Kinnaird    (Not available) 
325 Responsible Computing Alicia Grubb    (Not available) 
353 Robotics Ileana Streinu    (Not available)