Week 5: 6/25/01-6/29/01

Day 1:

-found one way to fix the reversing of direction

-received new versions of the program from Ileana

-Ileana explained how the new programs work

-tried to look at what happens when complex roots occur based on examples from Cinderella, except that the edges change in length when I run the program

-wrote a function to give possible ts,t0, and tf's

-some ideas for dealing with starting outside the real range of motion, but now realize they don't work

Day 2:

-problems with emacs

-one test showing we must be careful with what dt we use

-tried creating my own simple linkages to look at what happens at complex spots

-problems with graphics output

-Mathematica has no export menu, but to save a notebook as a text fileone can either use "save as" in the edit menu or "save as special" in the file menu and select text

-made a figure with 8 vertices in Cinderella, where it has many flipping problems when animated and then in Mathematica, where it runs well

-made a few more examples

-showed Ileana the side changing bug

-found a way to export text, though it still includes {'s

Day 3:

-making more example cases

-created a small function to determine a Plotrange

Day 4:

-making more and bigger examples

Day 5:

-finishing the 50 vertice example

-trying to create a certain polygon on Mathematica

-animating the motion of the 50-gon