Week 2: 6/4/01-6/8/01

Day 1:

-received and dealt with various messages about library items

-borrowed from library: Crapo and Whiteley, "Statics of Frameworks and Motions of Panel Structures: a Projective Geometric Introduction"; Cox, Little and O'Shea, Using Algebraic Geometry; D. Huffman, "Surface curvature and application of the dual representation"; Johnson and Riess, Numerical Analysis

-completed the Smith Summer Science Research Program Survey

-started reading Johnson and Riess, chapter with Newton's Method

-Notes on Johnson and Riess

Day 2:

-Looked up Newton's Method and Jacobians in James Stewart's Calculus

-continued reading and notes on Johnson and Reiss

-Looked on Mathematica for Newton's Method. Only found Mathematica on the computer in the CS lounge. FindRoot sometimes uses Newton's Method. In add-ons there is another way to use Newton's method (couldn't install the package) and also a way to find the Jacobian of a function.

-read some more of the Cox, Little and O'Shea

Day 3:

-read more of the Cox, Little and O'Shea

-Notes on Cox, Little and O'Shea

-met with Ileana Streinu

-copied a number of papers

-began work on Mathematica programming

Day 4:

-more work with Mathematica, success on lengths of sides and an equation for a circle in terms of t

Day 5:

-Mathematica and the simple polygon

-It Works!!!!