Computer Science

Computer Science Alumnae:
Graduate School Attendance

Below lists the Computer Science majors (and some minors and others with significant connection to the department) who entered graduate schools, sorted by the date of entrance into graduate school (which may not be their year of graduation). This list is unlikely to be comprehensive—please help us improve its accuracy by sending updates to webmaster <>

Year Started University Subject/Dept/School Alumna
2017 Stanford University Computer Science Weini Yu
2017 Harvard University Computer Science Marina Cheng
2017 University of Massachusetts, Amherst Computer Science Celeste Martinez
2017 New York University Computer Science Sarah Sutto-Plunz
2016 University of Massachusetts, Amherst Computer Science Rui Huang
2015 University of London The Courtauld Institute Gavriela Levy Haskell
2015 University of Massachusetts, Amherst Computer Science Janet Guo
2015 University of Massachusetts, Amherst Computer Science Kristina Fedorenko
2014 Stanford University Biomedical Informatics Emily Flynn
2012 University of Massachusetts, Amherst Computer Science Tiffany Liu
2012 University of Michigan Computer Science Aurelia Moore
2012 University of Massachusetts, Amherst Computer Science Elizabeth Do
2011 Stanford University Computer Science Yang Li
2010 University of Massachusetts, Amherst Computer Science Rae Recto
2009 Brown University Computer Science Sasha Berkoff
2009 Boston University Educ. Media & Technology Toyin Abogan
2009 Dartmouth University Computational Biology Hannah Bier
2008 Academy of the Arts, San Francisco Art & Technology Lauren Kvalheim
2008 Tufts University Computer Science Jordan Crouser
2008 University of Virginia Mathematics Constance Baltera
2007 Carnegie Mellon Entertainment Technology Center Kelsey Livingston
2006 MIT Computer Science Biliana Kaneva
2006 MIT Applied Mathematics Nadia Benbernou (Math)
2006 Ohio State University Computer Science Aye Thuzar
2006 Harvard Law School Deepa Subramanian
2006 UMass Amherst Electrical Engineering Yi Zhang
2006 Carnegie Mellon Computational Finance Rebecca Hu
2006 Worchester Polytechnic Institute Computer Science Cristina Harko
2005 Oxford University Economics Swarnali Ahmed
2005 George Mason University Computer Science Kristin Baldassaro
2005 UMass Amherst Graphics Alex Deschamps
2005 Harvard Graduate School of Design Monta Lertpatchin
2005 Helsinki University of Technology Space Science and Technology Poornima Muralidhar
2004 Harvard Business School Shweta Bhatia
2004 Harvard Business School Maliha Malek
2004 Harvard Business School Chiinga Musonda
2004 University of Washington Law School Meghana RaoRane
2003 University of Colorado at Boulder Computer Science Suzanne Gallagher
2003 Indiana University Quantum Computation Beenish Chuadry
2003 Yale University Computer Science Ashley Green
2003 Harvard Business School Rosy Fynn
2003 Princeton University Computer Science Sonya Nikolova
2003 University of San Francisco Law School Shoshana Francis
2003 University of Pennsylvania Business School Pramita SahaU
2002 UMass Amherst Computer Science Vicki Manfredi
2002 NYU Computer Science Elif Tosun
2002 Harvard University Computer Science Geetika Tewari
2002 UMass Amherst Computer Science Naomi Fox
2001 Stanford University Computer Science Irena Pashchenko
2000 University of Virginia Cognitive Science Jessie Witt
1999 Harvard University Computer Science Sasha Fedorova
1999 MIT Computer Science Ling (Cathy) Lin
1999 MIT Computer Science Lilla Zollei (MtHolyoke)
1998 Brandeis University American History Shane Landrum
1998 Berkeley Law School Shannon King
1998 University of British Columbia Computer Science Ellen Gethner (Math)
1997 Carnegie Mellon University Computer Science Jorjeta Jetcheva (MtHolyoke)
1997 Stanford Bioinformatics Xialoe (Shirely) Liu
1997 MIT Computer Science Anna Lysyanskaya
1997 University of Wisconsin Computer Science Q.Q. Ouyan
1997 Harvard Business School (IT) Sara Tramel
1997 Texas A&M University Art Mirian Ilieva
1996 Princeton University Sociology Eszter Hargittai (Sociology)
1996 University Texas at Austin Computer Science Stacia Wyman
1996 University of Pennsylvania Computer Science Dianna Xu
1993 MIT Computer Science Sramana Mitra
1992 UMass Amherst Economics Anu Dhagat
1992 Rutgers University Mathematics Jennifer Rippel
1991 Carnegie Mellon University MBA Jackquelin Lie (Namatame)
1990 University of Colorado at Boulder Computer Science Julie Dibiase
1990 University of Wisconsin Computer Science Stacia Wyman
1990 Princeton University Computer Science Susan Jones(Dorward)