Week 6: 7/2/01-7/6/01

Day 1:

-looking again at text exporting in Mathematica

-began a 60 vertex example

-met with Ileana

Day 2:

-searched for but did not find the Deza and Laurent book at any of the Five Colleges, requested it over Interlibrary Loan

-finished the 60-gon

-working on the simplified circle based polygon

-animated the simplified version until three points became colinear, printed this and the full version

-made a 5 and a 7 arm circle thing

-working on a more complicated 5 arm one

Day 3: the Fourth of July

Day 4:

-finished Erik Demaine's 5-gon

-worked on creating a program to randomly generate test cases

-using the random generation programs to create test cases to animate

-200 vertice test case

Day 5:

-checking out some wierd stuff in the examples

-made more examples