Week 4: 6/18/01-6/22/01

Day 1:

-tried the Mathematica notebooks again, to see if they've decided to work again

-cleaning everything up a lot with Ileana

-success making a 5-gon, fixing the shape of the polygons and finding a way to detect imaginary numbers

Day 2:

-trying to find a way to implement the imaginary number test

-met with Ileana and incorporated a way to deal with imaginaries

-tried to export graphics as gifs

-Mathematica stopped running properly

-tried the same files on another computer, and they ran properly

Day 3:

-Mathematica is working again

-implemented a way to figure out which points in the four bar linkage the fifth point joins to

-attempting to export graphics as gifs again

-can export them, though the computer does have problems, but the syntax is wrong and hence i is not being taken as a variable so each new gif replaces the last one

-taking another look at the colinear detection

-learned how to export the series of gifs

-can't remember the unix command to make an animated gif

-created a function to choose the closer solution from Solve

-began trying to implement it

Day 4:

-found the command to make an animated gif

-the 5-gon's

-back to Mathematica to try and deal with the flipping problem

-and it doesn't work, for some unknown reason

-also, the fourth point is not being calculated correctly

-saved the last working data.nb (ie the last one that calculated the location of the fourth point properly)as the latest data and the problem disappeared

-met with Ileana

-a better 5-gon animation

Day 5:

-one bug still left in the flipping program, also looking at whether the complex detection is still working

-fixed the bug with Ileana

-adjusted the program again to deal with imaginary solutions

-introduced a new parametrization with respect to t as an angle