Week 3: 6/11/01-6/15/01

Day 1:

-checking one more thing on the Mathematica animation

-edge length problem found and corrected

-added another point to the polygon in Mathematica

-read more of the Cox, Little, and O'Shea

-Notes on Cox, Little, and O'Shea

Day 2:

-renew not allowed on "Topologie Structurale"

-read more Cox, Little and O'Shea

-Notes on Cox, Little and O'Shea

-met with Ileana and cleaned up the Mathematica notebooks for the 4-gon and one 5-gon

Day 3:

-back to Mathematica to try and make a more general case of a 5-gon by adding one point and two lines to the 4-gon

-success with Mathematica, though still a few bugs to work out (such as some kind of test for imaginary values)

-some more notes on Cox, Little and O'Shea

Day 4:

-brief meeting with Ileana

-Mathematica: tried to deal with the flipping problem by decreasing delta t, which took Mathematica a long atime and didn't work

-sent Ileana message about overdue book

-flipping is connected with points becoming colinear, now to try for a program to detect when they become colinear

-have specialized program, now trying for a more general one

-have most of the general program, but problems with multiple roots

Day 5:

-attempts to fix the general program

-getting lots of error messages, sometimes, no clue why