Week 1: 5/14/01-5/18/01

Day 1:

-Found/Copied: Cox, Little and O'Shea Ideals, Varieties, and Algorithms: An Introduction to Computational Algebraic Geometry and Commutative Algebra
J. C. Maxwell, "On Reciprocal Figures and Diagrams of Forces"

-Requested on ILL: D. Huffman, "A duality concept for the analysis of polyhedral scenes"
.."Surface curvature and application of the dual representation"
J. C. Maxwell, "On Reciprocal Figures, Frames and Diagrams of Forces"

-Young library seems to be missing Crapo and Whiteley, "Statics of Frameworks and Motions of Panel Structures: a Projective Geometric Introduction"

-Got an account for the SGI's in the Computer Science Computer Lab

-Read Chapter 1 of the Cox, Little and O'Shea

Day 2:

-Read Ileana Streinu's paper: A Combinatorial Approach to Planar Non-colliding Robot Arm Motion Planning

-Got problems with SGI account fixed

-Created research webpage

-Read Cox, Little, and O'Shea Chapter 2 Sections 1-5 and some of 6

Day 3:

-Requested D. Huffman, "Surface curvature and application of the dual representation" from UMASS

-Took another look at the beginning of the Cox, et. al.

-Met with Ileana Streinu to talk about basic concepts

-Meeting with Frank Sottile

-Beginning with Cinderella

Day 4:

-Notes on Cox, Little and O'Shea

-need a copy of the file cindyrun.jar to get Cinderella applets to work

-made 4 bar linkage with Cinderella

Day 5:

-added images from Mathematica and other content to Notes on Cox, Little, and O'Shea

-requested Crapo and Whiteley on ILL, since it's still not on the shelf, having talked to a librarian about it Monday