Summer internship'01 lyatno uchene

This summer I did an internship in the Smith Computer science department under the lead of Professor Joseph O'Rourke. The internship spanned the period of ten weeks from May, 21 to July, 27. In June Prof. O'Rourke took us, the students working with him, to a conference on Computational Geometry in Tufts University, Boston, MA.

During the period of my internship I worked on several projects with him. You can learn more about them if you visit the links below:

Cinderella geometrical illustration of Alfred Kempe's two examples
Mathematica GIF ilustration of Prof. O'Rourke's Theorem on linkages
C program for a graphical layout of a given path of triangles

This is a compilation of links I took from other people's websites because I think they can be useful:

How to convert Excel documents in html
Mini How-to's in UNIX
Help with UNIX and Java