Instructions for CS Class Accounts

Each instructor has a class account of the form nnnc, such as 111a, or 112b. The number corresponds to the course number (csc111, or csc112), and the letter to the semester: a for Fall, b for Spring.

Here's the contents of the home directory for 112a, for example.

112a-t1/                home for TA account #1
112a-t2/                home for TA account #2
bin/                    for executable files for class
handin/                 where homework files are collected
handout/                to make files available for the class
lib/                    for library files
private/                contains list of student accounts and passwords
public_html/            for class specific Web documents
students/               contains all the students' accounts

All the directories are accessible to 112a and everybody in the 112a group, which comprises the instructor, the TAs (112a-t1, 112a-t2), and the students (112a-aa, 112a-ab, etc.)

You probably want to change the handin directory to be readable only by the instructor, as it will contain the collected assignments.

The private directory contains the list of all the student accounts, along with their passwords. It also contains a shell script to print forms that you will hand out to your students at the beginning of the semester. The forms contain the account name and the password for each account, and should be signed and returned to you by the students. Run the form and pipe its output to a printer to get the forms.

Note: you might want to reserve one of the student accounts for yourself to see how the setup works, and to test out different things.

The lib directory contains several files , including a Makefile that will build a SUID program called submit.Submit is a little tricky program that allows students to submit their files and have it saved in the instructor's handin directory, even if this directory is not readable/writable by the students.

This program needs to be compiled, and is done automagically the first time you login with your account. However remember to login to both grendel and an SGI because both platforms will need a dedicated executable.

The handout directory is for you to put world-readable files that you want your students to be able to copy. The command "getcopy" (alias) can be used by the students to automatically get files from your handout directory and copy them to their current directory. You can also use the ~/public_html directory to put Web document. The file ~112a/public_html/welcome.html would have the following URL:

For the handin directory, I use a script that I have developed a shell file over the years to compile and test homework assignments. I usually keep it in a directory I call ~/Submitted where my TA will copy all the files from ~/handin on the due date and due time of the current assignment. My TA modifies the script to fit the current assignment at hand, and will usually do the following for me:

The shell file is included below. Please feel free to use and to update it at your convenience.
Compile Bourne Shell Script

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